We’re going to continue part 2 from the series Kingdom First: nuffsaid, with a message entitled, Prioritizing God’s Kingdom. What’s first in your life? Who’s first in your life? If it’s not the Kingdom, then you’re not living according to God’s order. Jesus teaches us how to prioritize the Kingdom of God and in Matthew 6 he talks about if we do that, we won’t have to worry. He’ll take care of every need we have. The word worry is mentioned six times in Matthew 6. Jesus teaches us the antidote to worrying, which is seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. If we do that, he’ll take care of everything else.

Do not miss this powerful message that shows us how to prioritize God’s Kingdom in our lives as the first and most important thing, we should be focusing on. Join us for an amazing weekend, invite some family and friends and we look forward to seeing you as we learn. How to put the Kingdom First: nuffsaid.

A Plan For A Pandemic

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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