Our Vision, Mission, and Values



  • It is a vision of a clear picture of our preferable future, imparted by God to His church, based on a clear understanding of the nature of God, the mission of our church, the giftedness of our membership, and the need of our community.


  • It is a vision to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the thousands of individuals and families who live in Houston, Spring, Tomball, Woodlands and Humble, Texas. Our vision will also expand to Montgomery County and surrounding areas.


  • It is a vision of a place where the unchurched, the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find life, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement regardless of their social status, race, appearance, and personal histories.


  • It is a vision of developing people to spiritual maturity through bible studies, prayer ministries, small groups, seminars, seminary school, retreats, discipleship training and Starting Point Classes.


  • It is a vision where a person with no church background can come and feel comfortable and enjoy the service because the atmosphere is friendly and non-threatening. The sermons are always practical, biblical, and relevant. The music is contemporary and upbeat with a praise team.


  • It is a vision of equipping every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave them.


  • It is a vision of a church that builds successful families where children want to go because they have a great time experiencing God’s love and teenagers have a great time in dynamic youth ministry where they are loved, accepted and shown how much they matter to God.


  • It is a vision to be a church of small groups committed to biblical community; a church where many small groups meet throughout the week in our community and city.


  • It is a vision to be an effective innovative, culturally relevant, and multi-ethnic church, doing whatever it takes to reach Houston, Spring, Woodlands and surrounding areas for Christ.


  • It is a vision of a church on at least 20 acres of land with beautiful, yet simple, facilities including a worship center seating hundreds, a prayer center, classroom for training lay ministers, conference center for seminars, a book store and a recreation area. All of this will be designed to minister to the total person: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.


  • (These dreams are being fulfilled, because they are inspired by God!)



Our church is guided by The Great Commandment and The Great Commission. Our mission is biblically-based and relevant. Our mission is to reach people for Christ, grow them strong in Christ so they can go out and make a difference for Christ in the world.

We have an intentional process that enables our members to discover and commit to discipleship which is the life-blood of ABF. We offer four Above Starting Point Classes which teaches members what it means to be a disciple and the importance of fulfilling their mission on earth.



Devote Daily
The single most important thing is to devote daily by growing in our relationship with God. We believe that every Christian should have a daily devotional time with God in His word. Devoting daily is also a time for prayer and family devotion. God yearns for an intimate relationship with His children and we should strive to devote daily.

Be Authentic & Unified
Valuing authenticity means that we are genuine in our faith. We say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we live what we preach. We aren’t playing games, and there are no hidden agendas. Valuing authenticity means we strive for character and integrity.

Valuing unity means we are all going in the same direction, enthusiastically and joyfully. We are one team. Valuing unity means that our “Senior Management Team” loves and trusts. Valuing unity means we are determined to resolve all conflict, in a healthy manner. Valuing unity means that we don’t tolerate strife and contention.

Saved to Serve
We value serving others. Our priority of ministry is understanding that we are saved to serve and that God wants each of us using our gifts and talents to help build His Kingdom. God has called and commanded us to serve Him and others.

Gather then Scatter
We gather on Sundays and we scatter throughout the week. We value the last words of Jesus to his disciples, “And you will be my witnesses.” It is one of our primary goals as a church to gather inside the walls and scatter outside the walls. Jesus said, “GO!” We must go and share CHRIST to a lost and dying world. God has given us a testimony to share with others and we must not be afraid to tell people about Christ as we share our story. The world needs a Savior!

Groups & Prayer
Groups are one of the essential vehicles that drives us spiritually. Groups are where we assemble together, ascend to God and affect the world by gathering together for fellowship and discipleship.

The most important link in accomplishing a connection to God is prayer. When the church prays amazing things happen. We believe that every Christian should have a private prayer time, a family prayer time, and a corporate prayer time with other believers. Everything will rise or fall on prayer.

Relevant & Innovative
Valuing innovation means that change is both expected and welcomed. We must never become rigid or bound by tradition in our thinking or practice. We encourage flexibility, risk-taking, creative thinking, and continuous learning. Valuing flexibility means we are willing to do things differently and to try things we have never done before.

Valuing relevancy means we will deliver relevant messages that penetrates the hearts of men, women, boys and girls to a closer relationship with God.

Excellence & Leadership
Valuing excellence means we set the highest standards for everything we do. Our goal is to go above mediocrity, in every area of ministry. If we can’t do something with excellence, we don’t do it. Excellence is our standard!

We value leadership! Which means we delegate responsibility, we entrust leaders with authority, and we empower leaders to do what needs to be done. We don’t vote on everything. Decisions are made within the ministries themselves, out on the front lines. We expect leaders to lead and followers to follow. Valuing leadership mean we don’t start a ministry until we have first secured a capable leader.

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