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I hope all is well and I hope everyone is having a great week. Summer is over, School is back in and now are you ready for the Fall Season at ABF! I hope everyone is feeling encouraged and if you are going through a tough season just know you are not alone. You can join one of Above & Beyond’s three prayer calls to find encouragement. So be encouraged and do know you have the victory through Christ.

On last night I met with the Leaders and Volunteers of ABF and we had an amazing time getting ready for this Fall. God is about to do some big things and we are getting prepared for the coming revival.  This Fall we celebrate 30 years and I ask that you and your family join in with some of our history making events this month.  I am excited and pumped about the Fall season and I can’t wait to preach this Sunday. We begin the new sermon series entitled, “Get Ready

God told Joshua to inform His people that every place they walked in the Promised Land would become theirs. God had already clearly said, “I have given you” the land, past tense. But they still had the responsibility of walking in and believing His promise, by taking possession of what He was giving them. They had to walk in the land, place their foot there, which meant living in and occupying the land. This is a clear picture of God’s promise and man’s responsibility working side-by-side.

However, if we don’t walk in that truth, believing God’s promises and giving the battles to the Lord, we won’t see that victory. How we need to step out and face the battle, knowing He has already promised us victory if we will, by faith, walk in it. In Joshua 1:2 God told Joshua to tell His people get ready. Join us this Sunday, Sept 3rd for the Fall series, “Get Ready” as we celebrate 30 years as a church with Part 1 entitled, “Get Ready”.  It’s going to be an amazing Sunday and so invite your unchurched friends and family members. I can’t wait to worship with you guys this Sunday.

A Plan For A Pandemic

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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