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The readers of Hebrews were compared to babies who needed to learn again the elementary truths of GOD’s Word. The solution to this dilemma lay in developing their spiritual senses through practice and training. The training they needed involved a steady application of spiritual discipline. Spiritual maturity would not develop primarily from a sudden burst of insight. It would come from a persistent usage of spiritual resources. Just because one has been a Christian for many years, has a bible, wears a cross, and what would JESUS do bracelet and a fish on the back of your car does not mean they are “spiritual mature”.
Just because a Christian attends worship every Sunday, serves in ministry, is connected to a small group, and gives 10% of their income doesn’t not mean they are spiritually mature. They could just be rehearsing their Christians duties.

Join us this Sunday for Part 4 of 5 entitled, “BY THIS TIME YOU OUGHT TO BE TEACHERS” from the series, “GROW UP”. It’s going to be amazing, and I hope you’re excited about growing in GOD’s word this Sunday. Please invite some friends to come and hear the word, you’ll be surprised who’s ready to say yes to your personal invite.
I believe GOD has already prepared their hearts.

A Plan For A Pandemic

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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