Exciting New Sermon Series!


It has been another challenging week in our nation. The world is changing and we’re finally seeing justice begin done. This Sunday, I’ll begin a brand new series, one that is well over due, entitled; “THE ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM IN AMERICA: Racism, Injustice & Discrimination.” I will begin with part one this Sunday, “CONFRONTING RACISM.”

If you say there is an elephant in the room that means, there is an obvious problem or a difficult situation that people do not want to talk about and that elephant is Racism. Racism in this country has been here for centuries and have cause trauma in the lives of African Americans. Racism is a disease that effect everything from politics, to education, to poverty to healthcare and even our criminal justice system. While we know Racism is a sin, we can never fully eradicated until CHRIST returns. We as the body of CHRIST have the responsibility to help and to bring healing to Racism in this country. Don’t missed this powerful message that is relevant for the 21st century on Confronting Racism. Invite some friends and be part of a life changing message.

The playing field has been unequal for too many centuries but today GOD is bringing change. I THINK I CAN FINALLY BREATH!!

How Faith Distinguishes You

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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