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It’s been another tough week in our world as we are hearing more and more of the effects of the COVID-19 virus is having on lives, businesses and even our economy. People are beginning to live life in fear, worry and discouragement, but there’s some good news in the mist of the bad news, GOD has a word for us! This Sunday, tune in for the current sermon series entitled; “STANDING TALL THROUGH TOUGH TIMES”. We are living in some tough times and COVID-19 is revealing what we are really made of, individuals are being tested, marriages are being tested, families are being tested, our economy is being tested and most importantly the SAINTS OF GOD are being tested. In the mist of this crisis we can Give Up or Look Up, we can Break Down or Stand Tall.

Join us for a powerful message that will help you to know how to stand tall in spite of everything that is falling apart around us.

How Faith Distinguishes You

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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