Exciting New Sermon Series!


This new series will focus on the importance of Church Unity, and what we can do when we are on one accord in agreement, that is the kind of church that GOD blesses and the kind of church that GOD grows and more importantly, the kind of church that unchurched people are attracted too. Loving churches grow and growing churches love, and that is the kind of church that GOD is building here at Above & Beyond.

We look forward to seeing you with your brand new “WE ARE ONE” T-shirt this Sunday. Also this Sunday let’s not only be unified but let’s also show uniformity. I encourage you to come back on the campus of Above & Beyond to be in the presence of the LORD and join in with the saints. You don’t want to miss this move of GOD this fall. I’m looking forward to a BIG SUNDAY and a BIG MONTH and let’s see what GOD is going to do!!!

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A Plan For A Pandemic

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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