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This Sunday, we will continue the series, “DEBT-LESS CHRISTMAS”. What a way to kick off part 1, but part 2, we will continue with this series. Christmas is right around the corner, and it celebrates the birth of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, and that is what the season is all about. Sadly, many people get caught up in the Christmas frenzy between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So many people get unraveled about things that don’t matter. They lose themselves over an emotional opportunity to spend money and buy gifts and items that has nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas. So this year instead, of trading your financial goals for a mountain of gifts and debt take a moment to contemplate how a spiritual perspective can help you put your wealth in perspective.

This Sunday’s message part 2 is entitled, “STEALING CHRISTMAS”. Don’t let shopping, charging, spending steal your Christmas.

Christmas should be about celebrating the birth of CHRIST, creating memories, enjoying friends and family, and not about creating debt. It is a wonderful time of the year to keep CHRIST at the center of our lives. Look forward to learning more about how to eliminate debt and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

A Plan For A Pandemic

Pastor William J. Lindsey
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