All Above Small Groups will be connected by way of Google Hangouts or ZOOM. We hope you’ve had time to connect with others in relationship, fellowship & God’s word! If you have not, we encourage you to do so and challenge you to invite family, friends and co-workers to experience group life with you.

What are Above Groups?

Above groups are intimate settings where we assemble together, ascend to God, and affect the world by gathering together for fellowship and discipleship.

When do Above Groups Meet?
Above Groups Meet Weekly!

How do I Get Connected?

It’s Easy! Simply browse the Above Groups list below to see which group or groups interests you most, then send an email to groups@above.org for more information.



“Rise Up” @ 8am (Mixed)

If you work at night and can’t make the evening groups, well we have the group for you. Rise Up and come on in!

Led by: Pastor Lindsey
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare not provided)

“Increase” @ 7pm (Mixed)

If you would like to experience spiritual growth with others, “Increase” is a group that will provide Christian community and fellowship centered on the Word of God. Increase is open to all individuals who would like to grow together and experience spiritual increase.

Led by: Danita Sawyer
email: groups@above.org
Location: In Home (Above Childcare not provided)

Divorce Care” @ 7pm (Mixed) 

Divorce Care is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. You will learn how to heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for your future.

Led by: Arianna Esters
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)


“Man UP ” @ 7pm (Men)

Kingdom men coming together for fellowship, word,  study and prayer.

Led by: Minister Blake Gassaway
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)

“Speak Life” @ 7pm (Mixed)

Speak Life is mixed with both men and women. The group is based on Prov. 18:21 and we use God’s Word to apply to everyday situations to learn how to speak LIFE and not death in our lives.

Led by: Teri White
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)

“Grief Share” @ 7pm (Mixed)

Grief Share is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.

Led by: Lonnie Speed
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)

“Walking In Purpose”  @ 7pm (Singles)

Walking In Purpose is a group for Singles, it is committed to helping people discover and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives especially in the area of walking with God, dating, relationships, & marriage. Walking In Purpose, teaches the undiluted word of God with real life application to practical issues for Spiritual growth and development to deliver strategic teachings designed by the Holy Spirit to help you position yourself for success in life, relationships, & marriage.

Led by: Tamara Green & Vanell Henderson
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)


“Seasoned Saints” @ 12pm (Mixed)

A great experience among the Seasoned Saints to share the word of God! It’s not only for the old; it is also for the young. Nothing here is old but the Word of God!

Led by: Larry Joseph
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare not provided)

“Destiny’s Daughters” @ 7pm (Women)

Destiny’s Daughters is a Women’s Fellowship Group seeking to empower women of all ages and from all walks of life to be all that God has predestined them to be. As daughters in Christ we boldly declare that giving up is not an option and we will attain the purpose for which we were created. The foundation for this group is the word of God, prayer, fasting, and relevant teachings applicable to helping women achieve their divine purpose and destiny.

Led by: Cynthia Hardeman
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks – 10yrs)

“Breaking Free” @ 7pm (Mixed)

Breaking Free’s vision is to share God’s word in leading us to true freedom from all strongholds such as hurt, depression, addictions, frustrations, and confusion. God can take us to experience that peace that surpasses all understanding.

Led by: Cindey Edwards
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)

“Financial Fitness” @ 7pm (Mixed)

Would you like to be a better steward of the what God has blessed you with? If so, we’re offering a focus group entitled “Financial Fitness.” This group will educate individuals on to how manage money, what the bible teaches on money, and how to be productive stewards.

Led by: Jerome Addison
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)


“Conquerors”  @ 7pm (Mixed)

Conquerors is a recovery group for those who are battling porn and are looking to find help and support from others as they conquer addiction.

Led by: Sicarral Johnson
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)

“Married Group” @ 7pm (Married Couples)

Married Group provides a safe place for couples to explore their relationship among other married couples. All couples are there for the same purpose – to strengthen, to grow their relationship, experience more fulfilling, enjoyable relationships, better understand each other, develop a way to communicate effectively, and how to have a biblical marriage.

Led by: Kevin and Lynnet Holiday
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus (Above Childcare provided for ages 6wks-10yrs)


“Escape” @ 5pm (Teens)

Escape is a time and place when our Middle School and High School students ages 13-17 come together to hang out, laugh with friends and learn more about the Word of God. In a relaxed trusting environment, we help student’s build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through open discussions of biblical teaching, most common struggles and heartfelt topics. Open dialogue allows students to develop a trusting support system between one another that assists with strengthening their daily walk with Christ.

Led by: Minister Blake Gassaway
email: groups@above.org
Location: ABF Campus

Above Groups FAQs

1. Where do Above groups meet?

  • Above groups meet on campus and can also meet off campus in a suitable environment for an Above group.

2. How long does an Above group last per night?

  • Above groups typically run from anywhere between an hour and ½ to 2 hours.

3. If I join an Above group, do I have to stay in that particular Above group forever?

  • Not at all, since we have semesters in which Above groups are active. Spring and Fall groups will last between 4-5 months. Summer groups will last between 6 weeks -3 months depending on the study (summer groups are optional for group leaders and members).

4. Can I switch groups if I have already joined a group?

  • Yes, you are permitted to switch groups, but since the semesters are no longer than five months we ask everyone to commit to the group they joined.

5. How do I know which group to join?

  • The group you join should be based on which particular season in life you’re going through. If you’re struggling with marriage, join a marriage group, if you want to learn more about discipleship, join a discipleship group. These groups will help you in advancing through certain seasons in your life. You can also decide which group to join based on if you have any friends or people you know who will also be signing up for a specific group.

6. What if I would like to lead a group?

  • If you would like to lead a group, make sure you visit our above groups leadership page. We provide an extensive training process for our potential above group leaders.

7.Will Above groups provide childcare?

  • Yes, our on campus Above groups will provide an Above Children’s Experience for those who have children. However, our Above Children’s Experience services range from 6 weeks to 8 years of age. Above Children’s Experience is not provided for in-home groups.

8. Are Above groups only available to members of Above & Beyond?

  • No, anyone is open to the access of attending our Above groups, so make sure you invite others.

9. Is the curriculum for Above groups free?

  • Unfortunately, any group members or attendees who would like to acquire curriculum during group semesters would have to purchase the curriculum, however often times we will have curriculum available for purchase in our bookstore.
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